NORI is the Japanese name for various seaweed species. Many of them are rare, edible and used in food preparation.

 NORI-NURU™ massage gel contains super-slippery essential extract from these highly prized NORI.

 NURU in Japanese means 'Slippery', and
'NURU MASSAGE' is usually performed using the liquid gel extract of seaweed.

 NORI-NURU™ massage gel is transparent, tasteless, odorless, non-toxic and contains many beneficial minerals and nutrients ... and YES !! - NORI-NURU™ massage gel is VERY, VERY SLIPPERY !!!

 NORI-NURU™ was originally used mainly for 'Body Slide' Nuru Massage, and now NORI-NURU™ super-slippery gel is growing in popularity for ALL types of massage and as a personal lubrication.

 NORI-NURU™ massage gel also contains a small amount of Chamomile Azulene (chamomile herbal extract). Chamomile has been shown to enhance the flexibility, softness and vitality of the skin.

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 Recommended Effective way of using
NORI-NURU™ massage gel . . .

• The Gel has better benefit on damp or moist skin, so best to take a shower before massage, lightly towel but leave skin moist
• To use with dry skin, good to spray some water first to moisten the skin
• May be mixed with some little warm water to make it more
• Washes off readily by pure water shower or bath
• After use, the skin is refreshed and moisturized
• For every part of skin and for enhancement of naturally occuring oils

 NORI-NURU™ massage gel has been approved by the FDA for external use. 

 NORI-NURU™ massage gel contains:
Purified Water, Deep-Sea Harvest NORI Extract, Chamomile. No artificial ingredients or fragrance added.

 In addition to the well-known benefits of Massage therapy, NORI-NURU™ massage gel can help protect & moisturize the skin - all in one INCREDIBLY enjoyable treatment.

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Nori-Nuru, Super-Slippery Nuru Massage Gel!! NORI-NURU™ nuru massage gel contains the essential extract of deep-sea harvest nori