NORI is the Japanese name for many various seaweed species. Many of these seaweeds are rare, many are edible and some are considered a delicacy and used in food preparation.

 NURU in Japanese means 'Slippery', and YES !! - NORI-NURU™ Massage Gel is very, very Slippery!!! Thats why we call it the

 NORI-NURU™ SUPER-SLIPPERY Massage Gel is created from the extract of some of these same NORI seaweed species the ones that are proven to provide the most extra-slippery result for the gel.

 NORI-NURU™ massage gel contains only:
Purified Water and NORI Seaweed Extract. No artificial ingredients or fragrance are added. Never oily & No sticky residue -
Wash off with plain water or soap & water!

 In addition to the well-known benefits of Massage Therapy, NORI-NURU™ massage gel can help protect, lubricate, & moisturize the skin - all in one INCREDIBLY enjoyable treatment!

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 Recommended most effective way of using

• The Gel has better benefit on damp or moist skin, so best to take a shower before massage, lightly towel but leave skin moist

• To use with dry skin, good to spray some water first to moisten the skin

• May be mixed with some little of warm water to make it some more but careful not too much or too thin

• Washes off readily by normal pure water shower or bath

• For every part of skin and for enhancement of naturally occuring oils

• For use as personal lubricant simply apply as desired!...if becomes sticky simply moisten a little more warm water

• After use, the skin will feel moisturized and refreshed ... and so may YOU!

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Nori-Nuru, Super-Slippery Nuru Massage Gel!! NORI-NURU™ nuru massage gel contains the essential extract of deep-sea harvest nori